[pmwiki-users] WikiGallery: alternatives to phpThumbs?

Jens Schiffler jens.schiffler at gmx.de
Mon Sep 18 09:05:55 CDT 2006

is there a stand-alone thumbnail generator (written in php) that has
simpler/cleaner code than phpThumbs? 
It must (be able to)
- work without a database server
- use a cache directory outside the directory containing the source images 
- resize images 
- save multiple thumbnails in different resolutions 
- use a stable and simple naming scheme for cache files

it doesn't need to 
- access source images via http
- apply filters
- prevent hotlinking


I'm adding support for WikiGallery in JjsCMS. It's almost ready, but the
structure of phpThumbs makes it complicated to find out the actual file names
of the cached thumbnails. Furthermore in phpThumbs the verbose cache file names
strongly depend on md5 sums as if the mapping done by md5 was indeed
injective(!), whereas the optional short filenames do not allow for caching
different versions of the same source image.


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