[pmwiki-users] Strange problem

Claus Futtrup Claus.Futtrup at tymphany.com
Mon Sep 18 07:54:47 CDT 2006

Dear pmwiki mailing list.

I've just signed up. Please excuse my level of the question.

Our IT department has installed PHP and PmWiki on a server (MS IIS). It is possible to access the front page of PmWiki, I must enter a login with password.

After the front page I am able to click one link forward and view that page also. Then no more. I cannot click forward to a third page - I cannot click in the menu on the left side - and after clicking into a bad page I cannot even go back one page (to the page that previously loaded nicely). Only the front page still works - but now _nothing_ else works.

Logging out and logging back in gives me the right to 1 click again (as above).

What can be the cause of this spurious behavior? I admit that I was fiddling with /local/config.php ... adding passwords and another logo etc ... and I just about made the index.php (in the root of the pmwiki directory, because I think it makes logical sense) with the default content to load pmwiki.php ... then it became spurious (PmWiki previously worked).

Best regards,
Claus Futtrup
Transducer Design Engineer
Tymphany Corporation
Stationsvej 5
DK-6920 Videbæk
Phone:  +45 7028 18 00


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