[pmwiki-users] Fwd: Case of vanishing FmtPV

The Editor editor at fast.st
Mon Sep 18 06:49:48 CDT 2006

Yes I've tried that too several times and it makes no difference.

I've also taken and rewritten the original text I'm trying to extract
to make sure it is nothing more than simple letters and spaces (no
line breaks, etc.).  Nothing seems to do it.  My only guess is this
must be some kind of bug in FmtPV.

Is there perhaps another way to do this using the new pdata recipe?
What I'm trying to do is take a timestamp key and use it to find a
matching log entry begininning with [[#Log2344232324]] and then
extract the editable text in that entry set off by [==] and [==].
Unfortunately log entry have several line breaks in them.

Actually, now that I think about it, another option is to write a
simple custom markup, as I seem to have no problem getting the text
back through the return function.  Maybe that's as easy as anything.
Yeah, why didn't I think of that before!

Still--it really irks me why this page variable wouldn't set.  I can't
even think of a POSSIBLE explanation for the behavior...  Any
thoughts, anyone?


On 9/18/06, Ian Barton <lists at manor-farm.org> wrote:
> It certainly looks like some sort of variable scope problem. Try this
> horrible hack:
>    case "logid" :
>       $temp = GetLog($d,$_GET[logid]);
>       $FmtPV['$logid'] = $temp;
>       break;
> Assigning the result to a local variable first "might" work. However, in
> the longer term you really need to identify the root cause.
> Ian.

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