[pmwiki-users] WritePage question

Tom Lederer celok at gmx.net
Sat Sep 16 11:38:57 CDT 2006

Hi all,

i want to write a script which allows non logged in users to edit  
Of the security issue i am well aware :)

However i lose the history. This is rather difficult for me, as i  
can't find much docs about the functions.
Here is what i do (comment what i want it to do):

Lock(2);					# lock page
$page = ReadPage($pagename, READPAGE_CURRENT);  # read page into  
$page (which is an array)
$text = split("\n", $page['text']);		# spilt text from $page in lines  
(not touching anything else in the
						# array
foreach ($text as $number => $line)
	## here the modification is done	
$page['text'] = join("\n", $text);		# join lines back to $page['text']
WritePage($pagename, $page);			# write everything (along with  
modified text)
Redirect($pagename);				# return to page

As far as i understand it, only the "text=" line from the page is  
touched, but the page loses it's entire history.
Where do i go wrong, and how can i preserve the history?

Best Regards,


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