[pmwiki-users] Editlink for each paragraph

pmwiki Besenreuther pmwiki at besenreuther.de
Fri Sep 15 14:08:00 CDT 2006

Hi list, hi Pattrick,

I'd like to organize my content by dividing big sections in several paragraphs.
Like this:

<page: thematik.HomePage>
! Big Section full of Information
!! 1. Chapter 1
!!! 1.1 Chapter 1.1
!!!! 1.1.1 Paragraph 1
!!!! 1.1.2 Paragraph 2
!!! 1.2 Chapter 1.2
!! 2. Chapter 2

For comfortable editing I include the paragraphs like this:
!!!! 1.1.1 Paragraph 1
(:include thematik/paragraph1.1.1:)

So I have a complete Dokument to read with clear arranged paragraphs for edit.

To have comfortable editlinks like in wikipedia I start every paragraph with:
(:if authid:)%right% [- [[{$Group}.HomePage|{$Group}]] - [[{$FullName}?action=edit | edit]]-](:if:)

Unfortunatly the $Fullname gives out the name: thematik/HomePage and
not what I expected: thematik/paragraph1.1.1

I've looked to the description of the pagevariables but couldn't find one that fits.
Can you help and give me a hint how this can be solved?

Greetings Udo

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