[pmwiki-users] Require extension to user database cookbook

Crisses crisses at kinhost.org
Fri Sep 15 12:18:48 CDT 2006


Whether I write it myself, or find someone who already has something  
written, I need a cookbook recipe that:

allows users to register to a PmWiki install
emails said user with a validation link back to the wiki
validates the users
optional - email the admin that a new user has registered

I also want the module to handle user groups -- the users would be  
auto-added to the "default" user group.  The wiki admin can then add  
groups to specific users as needed.

I am about to start writing this functionality into  
authuser_dbase-1.0.02.php and it will probably be a pretty extensive  

authuser_dbase-1.0.02.php only handles a database that has username/ 
password.  So this obviously requires an extended database.

If someone has written something and can provide it, I would be  
eternally grateful.  If someone has a good suggestion for how to  
handle groups in the database -- as far as I can tell PM only added  
support for groups from Apache -- I would also be appreciative.  For  
now I'm considering having it write up a .htgroups formatted file  
each time a user is validated and hooking AuthUser to point to said  
file.  Feels like a hack -- heck, it is a hack.

So, any takers?  Any suggestions?

Thank you, and on to my next customized bit of code,

Oh, have you no pity, this thing I do I do not deny it.  All through  
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for much -- but won't you speak -- PLEASE....
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