[pmwiki-users] Case of vanishing FmtPV

Ian Barton lists at manor-farm.org
Fri Sep 15 08:46:09 CDT 2006

That would suggest that something lower down in your function is 
overwriting the value of $log.

Have you tried hard coding the value as in:

$FmtPV['$log'] = "My test string";

and seeing if the Page Variable returns your hard coded value;


The Editor wrote:
> Yes this is true.  I just used the return line to make sure I am
> retrieving the right value.  It's for testing, debugging purposes
> only.  Knowing urlencode(GetLog($d,$_GET[id])) gives me a given text
> string, why possibly would  $FmtPV['$log'] =
> urlencode(GetLog($d,$_GET[id])); not set {$log} to that same text
> string.  That's the question that's driving me nuts.

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