[pmwiki-users] Case of vanishing FmtPV

The Editor editor at fast.st
Thu Sep 14 21:31:17 CDT 2006

Still wrestling with the case of the mysterious vanishing page variable.

In my data read markup (processed just before page variables in the
markup table) I have this snippet that is suppose to retrieve some
simple text from a specified log entry so it can be edited or

			case "log" :
//				return urlencode(GetLog($d,$_GET[id]));
				$FmtPV['$log'] = urlencode(GetLog($d,$_GET[id]));

When I uncomment the return line, I get exactly the text I want.  (I
put the urlencode as a debugging measure--no special codes showed up).
 The page variable {$log} however only shows up a blank.  With the
urlencode, the page variable suddenly shows up as "0" (whatever that
means). Better than blank, but not the string I want.  I've tried
changing the page variable name. I've manually set the page variable
to "Hello World" and it shows up in the page then as {$log}.  I'm out
of things to try.

In short, there seems to be nothing wrong in the way the page variable
is set, and there is no apparent change in the value of the GetLog
function between the two lines.  What in the world could possible be
going wrong.  I've tried this dozens of time like the man who defined
insanity:  doing the same thing over and over again, hoping each time
to get different results!

Can anyone spot the problem?  Or even suggest a solution?


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