[pmwiki-users] "Name attachment as:"

JB jbit at ev1.net
Thu Sep 14 18:13:40 CDT 2006

> > It's possible to eliminate the "Name attachment as:" box, yes:
> $PageUploadFmt = array("
>   <div id='wikiupload'>
>   <h2 class='wikiaction'>$[Attachments for] {\$FullName}</h2>
>   <h3>\$UploadResult</h3>
>   <form enctype='multipart/form-data' action='{\$PageUrl}' method='post'>
>   <input type='hidden' name='n' value='{\$FullName}' />
>   <input type='hidden' name='action' value='postupload' />
>   <table border='0'>
>     <tr><td align='right'>$[File to upload:]</td><td><input
>       name='uploadfile' type='file' /></td></tr></table></form></div>",
>   'wiki:$[{$SiteGroup}/UploadQuickReference]');

This works, but it also eliminates the Upload button.  Is there some way 
to put the upload button just to thte right of the browse button?

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