[pmwiki-users] ImgTagFmt was Re: SVG recipe not working in Firefox

Chris Cox ccox at airmail.net
Thu Sep 14 13:45:48 CDT 2006

Is there some way we could have a custom ImgTagFmt for the markup for
something like an image type where we want to use convenient things
like "Attach:blah-blah.svg"??

If there was a way of saying ImgTagFmt['svg'] or something like that,
it would be easier possibly to extend PmWiki to handle image-like
things like svg.

Just a suggestion... (not sure about how easy this would be or
the "correct" way it should be done)

Stephan Schildberg wrote:
> I suppose you do use a Acrobat Plugin for IE?
> If the SVG is too complex/advanced Firefox (withou the Plugin) cannot 
> display it.
> Does it work in Firefox with a simple shape without filters, text ?
> regards, Stephan.
>>I am using the SVG recipe with the latest PmWiki and it works fine in IE but brings up a frame with the XML code in it in Firefox (the latest) on Windows XP. I am having the same problem with Firefox in UNIX/linux.  
>>Anyone else seeing this problem and have a possible fix?
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