[pmwiki-users] Urgent: {$:vars} recipe and disappearing FmtPV

The Editor editor at fast.st
Thu Sep 14 12:52:03 CDT 2006


Is there any chance you could release some or part of the changes you
will be doing to the pagelist script as a recipe for now?  I have an
urgent need to be able to retrieve iterated page variables in a
pagelist, nothing more--like you had working on the PmWiki test group.

I don't mind having to upgrade my site later when you revise the core
should the syntax change.  It should not require more than redoing a
few pagelist templates.  That would be a huge boon to me.

Also, I am really hamstrung with being unable to solve the problem
with the disappearing $log page variable I've posted several times
about lately.  It's keeping me from finishing FAST Data 2.0, and
working out several applications that depend on it.  Any thoughts yet?

Thanks in advance,


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