[pmwiki-users] browsercam group action on fundable.org

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Wed Sep 13 16:58:29 CDT 2006

Many of you may have seen me refer to BrowserCam here on the
mailing list; I've used BrowserCam from time to time to 
be able to test skins and sites under many different browsers.
It basically does screen captures of web pages using many
different browsers so you can quickly see the results of CSS 
and web pages.

Normally BrowserCam can be quite expensive for an individual
subscription -- $60/month.  However, through a special deal with 
fundable.org, it's possible to get a group account for $500/year 
that will support up to 20 separate logins.  Thus each person
ends up paying $25 per year instead of $65 per month.

My previous BrowserCam account was obtained through a fundable.org
group action, and I easily got my $25 out of it.  However, the group
I was with doesn't appear to be renewing, so I've started my
own fundable.org group action to obtain another one-year 
subscription to BrowserCam.  The group action url for this is


Fundable is designed to provide a safe way to allow groups of
people to pool money to purchase things.  Each person pledges
a certain amount of money ($25 in this case), but nobody is
actually charged until the purchase is fully funded.  Thus, if
the group fails to collect enough money for the purchase,
nobody is out any money.

For those who do lots of website or skin design, I've found
BrowserCam to be a really valuable tool, and this is a relatively
inexpensive way to get an account, so I invite you to join in!



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