[pmwiki-users] Mind Map Uses

Sandy sandy at onebit.ca
Wed Sep 13 10:31:03 CDT 2006

eskidd at email.arizona.edu wrote:
> Hello--
> I am interested in your product, and was hoping you could provide me a little
> more information.
> We are looking for a program that will allow us to post a map online, and can
> then be modified by various users with only the most recent version displayed
> online.  Basically, we would like it to be a "living document", where changes
> are somehow tracked (so we can see where it's been and how it's been changed),
> but with the most up-to-date version accessible to all members online.  Does
> your product allow this?
> Thank you for your help--

I don't know what a mind-map is, but PmWiki can certainly do the living 
document and change tracking. Lots of options for who can see/edit what. 
Easy to change the look and feel. Easy to create and link pages, and 
lots more stuff to make things easy to find and help organize things 
after the fact.

Check out the various success stories and the cookbook, and the feature 
page, all available from the pmwiki.org home page.


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