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John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Tue Sep 12 19:51:47 CDT 2006

On Wednesday, 13 September 2006 4:56 AM, christian.ridderstrom at gmail.com wrote:
>On Tue, 12 Sep 2006, Tom Backer Johnsen wrote:
>> John Rankin wrote:
>> > On Tuesday, 12 September 2006 7:38 AM, Tom Backer Johnsen <backer at psych.uib.no> wrote:
>> >> christian.ridderstrom at gmail.com wrote:
>> >>> On Mon, 11 Sep 2006, Tom Backer Johnsen wrote:
>> >>>
>> >>>>> - clicking the link displays the full reference, in the author's chosen
>> >>>>>   style
>> >>> Hmm... when you say "displays the full reference".. Do you mean that the 
>> >>> browser goes to the corresponding place in the bibliography, or that some 
>> >>> kind of popup is shown with the full reference information?
>> >> Does not really matter, at least to begin with.
>> > 
>> > In my head, (:cite...:) generates a link of the form
>> > 
>> >  ... index.php?n=Group.BibTeXPage?ref=id?action=cite
>> > 
>> > Click and you go to the BibTeXPage and see a nicely-formatted
>> > version of the reference you cited, and only that reference.
>> That would be nice, but not essential to begin with.
>Perhaps he thinks this case is easier to solve?

He thinks several things:
- it may be fairly easy to implement using the wikiforms view template
  feature, which is designed to extract form field values from a wiki
  page and display them to a specified template

- it gives fast feedback during the development process: I click on
  a link; do I see the data I expect to see? No; grrr.

- if the page contains a bibliography at the end, the link would
  go to the relevant entry instead (see Christian's use cases)
>> To be selfcentered, my BibTex file would be quite small to begin with, 
>> and would contain little outside what is needed for the
>This would probably be true for me as well.

>Some user cases (that doesn't actually say what should happen if you 
>click on "[1]", although they should):

I'll move these to the wiki and tidy everything up...

John Rankin

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