[pmwiki-users] Bibliographies

Tom Backer Johnsen backer at psych.uib.no
Tue Sep 12 09:11:58 CDT 2006

John Rankin wrote:
> On Tuesday, 12 September 2006 7:38 AM, Tom Backer Johnsen <backer at psych.uib.no> wrote:
>> christian.ridderstrom at gmail.com wrote:
>>> On Mon, 11 Sep 2006, Tom Backer Johnsen wrote:
>>>>> - clicking the link displays the full reference, in the author's chosen
>>>>>   style
>>> Hmm... when you say "displays the full reference".. Do you mean that the 
>>> browser goes to the corresponding place in the bibliography, or that some 
>>> kind of popup is shown with the full reference information?
>> Does not really matter, at least to begin with.
> In my head, (:cite...:) generates a link of the form
>  ... index.php?n=Group.BibTeXPage?ref=id?action=cite
> Click and you go to the BibTeXPage and see a nicely-formatted
> version of the reference you cited, and only that reference.

That would be nice, but not essential to begin with.  To be 
selfcentered, my BibTex file would be quite small to begin with, and 
would contain little outside what is needed for the project.


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