[pmwiki-users] Wiki as PIM/Personal Notes tool

Ian Barton lists at manor-farm.org
Tue Sep 12 07:52:30 CDT 2006

A few random thoughts based on my own use of PmWiki as a general 
"Information sink":

Try and plan a wiki group structure for your information *before* you 
start entering data.

I have modified one of the addlink recipes to allow me to capture 
highlighted text from web pages. The information goes into a group 
called Scratchpad with pages named Scratchpad.yyyymmdd. If the page for 
the day already exists new text is added to the top. It is driven from a 
bookmarklet and works a bit like Google notebook.

I use categories and pagelists quite bit e.g. a pagelist to show all 
items in category FixMe in whatever group they exist.

If you are a "list" person the XToDo recipe is worth a look.


Chris Lott wrote:
> Does anyone have tips, tricks, hints, particularly apt cookbook
> recipes, etc? I control the environment for these folks, so I can use
> whatever reciped make sense.
> I am going to talk about trails, page tocs, categories, page lists,
> sticky notes (using the postitnotes recipe), and WikiPublisher.
> c

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