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Tue Sep 12 03:38:16 CDT 2006

On Tue, 12 Sep 2006, John Rankin wrote:

> >Is there some mechanism for definining the LaTeX equivalent of a 
> >wikistyle? (Otherwise I probably wouldn't even try to support more than 
> >a small subset of them). Hmm... maybe you could add a method that let's 
> >people define the LaTeX equivalent of a wikistyle?
> Well so far, nobody has complained, so it must be good enough :-)


> AFAIK LaTeX doesn't have the equivalent of a style -- LaTeX has a 
> philosophy that authors are concerned with structure and content; 
> presentation is a job best left to experts.

FYI, LaTeX does have things you would call styles although they are more 
advanced and referred to as *environments*. You can do something like this


which defines a new environment called 'lyxcode' that can then be used as 

	bla bla

So this is actually quite similar to wikistyles. As an aside, you can also 
define your own commands rather than environments. The commands could also 
be used for achieving wikistyles, although I suspect environments are much 
better if we start nesting styles.

You are however correct that style decisions are best left to the experts, 
but it is still very frequent that people define their own environments 
and use them just like we use wikistyles.

> My bet is that nobody would bother to define print styles, even if such 
> a construct existed. Wherever possible, I'd rather derive the correct 
> xml from the html style information. The wikibook DTD does not have the 
> concept of style either, it uses a <visual> tag.

Well, this is certainly fine by me!


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