[pmwiki-users] Problems with Wiki and RSS

Philippe Krait philippe at krait.net
Mon Sep 11 12:50:34 CDT 2006


I am a complete newbie in that area, so I might be missing something 
obvious. I have tried both the PmFeed and the RSS Improved recipes, and 
although the second one is better, I still have a problem with what I 
want to do. It might also be because of the RSS readers that I am trying 
(Firefox extensions both).

Anyway, the problem that I have is that my feed correctly contains the 
updated pages. However, if I mark one as read, and I update the page 
again, it never appears as updated. This is probably because the page is 
marked as already visited by the browser. However, the page _contents_ 
have been updated, and this does not show. And the Watch lists do not 
register the pages as being updated either.

Is there a solution for this ? It might be inherent to the wiki in whch 
pages get updated rather thanc reated, but I find it strange that there 
is no solution for this...

Thanks in advance for your help.


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