[pmwiki-users] Misc Questions on FAST Data...

The Editor editor at fast.st
Mon Sep 11 10:38:17 CDT 2006

I'm doing some rewrite of FAST Data to add various new features and
fix a few small bugs.  Here are a couple initial (simple?) questions I
could not seem to solve, and would appreciate some help with.

1) Format used for WritePage().
I'm trying to use writepage to save the data, (instead of my own
getpage/setpage functions, which use fread/fwrite) and have it near
working with these lines:

	$page = ReadPage($d);
	$page['text'] = $contents;
	WritePage($d, $page);

The problem is $contents is already encoded with things like %0a,
etc., just like it looks when it is already saved.  So when I view
the page I see the raw text string, not what I want.  What kind of
formatting should I use when I create $contents?  The same markup I
would use when editing the page manually?  Can I use \n for line
breaks? Right now the code manually inserts %0a%0a between each set of
data values.

2) How do I return a single line break?
I use the following code to construct a log entry based on the values
of specified fields the recipe is told to save.   So far I've been
unable to find anyway to insert a single linebreak between feild
values, when the word "Break" is listed as a field name.  I've tried
several possibilities including "\\" "\n" and "[<<]" but nothing seems
to work.  "\\" gets changed to \/\/ or something.  Any suggestions?

	foreach ($d as $f => $v) {
		$vv = str_replace($r1, $r2, $_POST[$v]);
		if ($v == "Break") $newlog .= "[<<]";
		$newlog .= "$vv %0a";

This problem may be solved by changing to WritePage, which might then
allow a simple "\\" for the line break.

3) I still have the problem of various characters like -'- being
return -/'- when they are displayed, and not sure how to fix it.  The
process is, the field values in the form are saved doing the following

	$r1 = array('%',"\n", '<');
	$r2 = array('%25','%0a','%3c');
	$vv = str_replace($r1, $r2, $_POST[$v]);

then they are retrieved (set as page variables) with these lines:

	$r1 = array('%',"\n");
	$r2 = array('%25','%0a');
	foreach ($field as $value) {
		$v = explode ("=", $value);
		$v[1] = stripslashes("$v[1]");
		$v[1] = str_replace($r2, $r1, $v[1]);
		if ($v[0] != "") $FmtPV["$$v[0]"] = $v[1];

I was told there was a function like PRR() and also the function
stripmagic(), but not sure exactly where to use these or how.

I'm doing some major updates to the recipe, and hope to have a beta
for 2.0 functioning in a few days.  May have more questions, but
appreciate any help so far with these longstanding little bugs.


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