[pmwiki-users] [Pmwiki-users] Problem with rss feed on pmwiki.org

Helge Larsen hal at post4.tele.dk
Mon Sep 11 00:43:14 CDT 2006


>You're entirely correct, it's because of the relative url.  I've
>now switched pmwiki.org back to using an absolute url, and I'll
>have a more detailed response in the other thread.

Now the URL seems to be correct again, but I may have found another

In Site.AllRecentChanges (line 3 from top right now):
  Profiles.NoachStern . . . September 10, 2006, at 09:20 PM by Noach?:
This gives the folowing entry in RSS xml-file:
  <title>Profiles / NoachStern</title> 
  <pubDate>Thu, 26 Aug 2004 19:27:13 GMT</pubDate> 

Note the element <dc:date> that seems to be preferred in my reader
SharpReader is 2004 (precisly 2 years back in time from <pubDate>).

What is the reason for the difference in the dates:
	Sept 10 09:20 PM in AllRecentChanges
	Aug 26 19:27 in AllRecentChanges?action=rss

I have seem more like this one in the last couple of weeks, and cant
recall to have seen them before that.

Med venlig hilsen
Helge Larsen

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