[pmwiki-users] & gets transformed to & - why?

Tom Lederer celok at gmx.net
Fri Sep 8 17:58:37 CDT 2006

Actually it is "only" Safari, that can't work with it, still i  
thought it to be an error.

After all, i guess i will just switch back to iso to only get the  
"real" errors. :)

On a iso site Safari works without problems btw.



Am 09.09.2006 um 00:13 schrieb Patrick R. Michaud:

> On Fri, Sep 08, 2006 at 08:33:36PM +0200, Tom Lederer wrote:
>> Another problem:
>> in all upload urls & gets transformed to &
>> In uploads.php & ist used.
>> I guess this is all related to my utf-8 usage.
> I wouldn't think that it's related to utf-8 (but it might be).
>> Any ideas why this is happening, and what i can do do prevent this.
> Technically I think that & is still correct in a html-encoded
> url, since & is in fact an ampersand.  But I can believe that
> there are some browsers that don't understand it.
> Is there a page where I can see this actually happening?  Either
> on your site, or perhaps you could create an example in the Test
> or UTF8 groups on pmwiki.org?  (UTF8 has the utf-8 script enabled.)
> Pm

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