[pmwiki-users] Cannot acquire lockfile

Marc Cooper gmane at auxbuss.com
Fri Sep 8 13:27:25 CDT 2006


I just installed PmWiki 2.1.24 in a userdir - I usually run it from the 
serverroot on Linux or a Windows' userdir, so this is a first, I think.

After manually creating /wiki.d and /uploads, perms are 755, I get ye 
olde message:

 Cannot acquire lockfile

I can sidestep this by setting 777 or similar, but that's not what I 
want to do. I've checked that PHP safe_mode is off.

Config: Apache 2, PHP5, up to date Ubuntu.

Searches reveal this as a common problem - and there's a note on the 
Troubleshooting PmWiki page - but I couldn't find the definitive fix.


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