[pmwiki-users] Pagename alternative conflicts? was Re: Wikipaths

Crisses crisses at kinhost.org
Fri Sep 8 07:26:24 CDT 2006

On Sep 7, 2006, at 5:01 PM, Patrick R. Michaud wrote:

> Examples:
>     {$Name}                     name of current page
>     {(spaced)$Group}            group of current page, spaced
>     {OtherPage$PageUrl}         url of OtherPage
>     {$:XYZ}                     XYZ: field in current page
>     {OtherPage$:Name}           Name: field in OtherPage
>     {(toupper)OtherPage$:Name}  Name: field in OtherPage, all  
> uppercase
>     {OtherPage#section}         short form of (:include  
> OtherPage#section:)
>     {OtherPage#section$:var}    Var: field defined in  
> OtherPage#section
>     {(date %m/%d/%y)$Now}       current date as mm/dd/yy
>     {(date %H:%M)$Now}          current time as HH:MM
>     {(date %Y-%b-%d)$Name}      convert pagename like 20060907 to  
> "2006-Sep-07"
>     {(date "%B %y")$Group}      convert group like 200609 to  
> "September 2006"
>     {$?var}                     value of "var" from query string
> I don't have any plans to try to grab values out of things such
> as (:directives:) embedded in other pages; I think that's just waaay
> too confusing.
> However, all of the fancier forms are purely conjectural at this  
> stage.
> And I want to be careful not to completely consume the use of the
> single braces strictly for page variable markups; they are valuable
> bracketing characters (we don't have many of those around), and so
> we should leave some forms open so that other recipes can use the
> braces to mean other things.  This is why I like keeping the
> dollar sign present in each of the above (and why I'm not
> too fond yet of {OtherPage#section} as an include shortcut).

I'm one of the people looking for this markup, and I had a somewhat  
related question, and need to know if it presents a conflict with  
anything existing or proposed.

A page link such as:

creates Group.PageNameSubtext

Is there a custom way to keep the colon in the URL/Page Name?  If so,  
does it create a conflict with anything?  (in other words, allow  
hyphen and colon in page titles...)

I noted that MediaWiki uses colons, and in the case of something I'm  
working on, the colon is preferred over a hyphen to separate terms on  
the page.


There's going to be some very long page titles in my future :)



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