[pmwiki-users] upload type restrictions

JB jbit at ev1.net
Fri Sep 8 04:18:44 CDT 2006

There is a way to disable uploading of a certain type of file.

   $UploadExtSize['zip'] = 0; # Disallow uploading .zip files. 

Is there a way to restrict uploads to just 2 file types like
gif and jpg?  Instead of telling which types to block, tell 
pmwiki which types to allow?  Do I have to block all the types 
below, instead of specifying "allow jpg, gif"?

By default the upload allows the following extensions:

   'gif','jpg','jpeg','png','bmp','ico','wbmp',          # images
   'mp3','au','wav',                                     # audio
   'mpg','mpeg','wmf','mov','qt','avi',                  # video
   'zip','gz','tgz','tar','rpm','hqx',                   # archives
   'doc','ppt','xls','exe','mdb',                        # MSOffice
   'pdf','psd','ps','ai','eps',                          # Adobe
   'htm','html','fla','swf',                             # web stuff
   'txt','rtf','exe','tex','dvi',''                      # misc

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