[pmwiki-users] PData support for pagelisting images

Kathryn Andersen kat_lists at katspace.homelinux.org
Thu Sep 7 17:30:31 CDT 2006

On Thu, Sep 07, 2006 at 01:51:15PM -0500, Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 07, 2006 at 10:43:04AM -0700, Martin Fick wrote:
> > --- "Patrick R. Michaud" <pmichaud at pobox.com> wrote:
> So, how much pain would we cause by switching this around now?  
> If we fixed it so that {$Name} and [[link]] were always treated
> as being relative to the page in which they are written, 
> we could introduce another form to refer to the currently
> browsed page.  Something like {==$Name}, or perhaps {*$Name}
> or {.$Name}.  
> Then, an author who really wants to refer to the name and
> pages of the including page would write
>    My name is {.$Name}, and I can be found [[{.$Group}/here]].
> to get the name and group of the currently browsed page.
> I'm thinking, perhaps unrealistically, that this wouldn't
> cause too much if any pain for existing sites.

Agreed that most of the time "page where this is viewed" is the same as
"page where this is written".

> It really 
> only affects things where include-like things are used, either 
> directly via the (:include:) markup, or indirectly via things such as
> group headers/footers, pagelist templates, the <!--wiki:...--> 
> directive for sidebars, and so on.

What about (:if name ...:) and (:if group ...:) tests?
Currently it is testing "page where this is viewed", not "page where
this is written", and it's definitely needed for things like
GroupHeader/GroupFooter and SideBar

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