[pmwiki-users] Disabling default access keys

Jared Way admin at jaredway.com
Thu Sep 7 12:12:16 CDT 2006

Issue resolved!

Stirling and Hans were helpful, and put me on the right track.  There are 
some "non-standard" (?not sure if this right terminology) access key 
specifications associated with Triad, such as ak_source and ak_upload - by 
which I mean these are not listed in the discussion of access keys on the main 
PmWiki website.

All I had to do was add lines to my config.php "unassigning" these additional 
access keys and everything worked out fine:  e.g.
  'ak_upload' => '',
  'ak_source' => '',

Thanks to all for their quick help and genuine involvement with supporting this 
app.  I'm very pleased with it.


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