[pmwiki-users] PData support for pagelisting images

Pico pmwiki at ben-amotz.com
Thu Sep 7 08:56:00 CDT 2006

Will the new PData {$:var} support pagelisting images?  

In a quick test, I was able to use PData to grab a single image (and image
link), but could not accomplish the same thing using pagelist to grab multiple
images.  See Test/PData#thumbs.  

By way of background, I have been thinking about using pagelist generated image
to generate small navigational image links such as:
-thumbnails, for image galleries
-album cover art, for music repositories
-logos, for company listings
-icons, for application infomation

See Test/EasyGallery for a simple test of pagelist generated thumbnails that
link back to individual image pages.[1]  

When I tried to test these using PData,[2] I was able to grab individual images
(by using {Test.EasyGalleryPic1$:Thumbnail}) but could not get PData working
with pagelists (by using {=$:Thumbnail}).  Have I just gotten it wrong somehow,
or is this something that is not (yet) supported?


[1]  To make the Test/EasyGallery work, I embeded thumbnail links into a
description directive and invoked the description page variable in a pagelist
template.  Note, I tried to combine thumbnail and link markup in the pagelist
templates, but I kept running into problems -- initially I tried using includes
for the thumbnails and later (I believe) I tried using the description page
variable -- but I was not able to successfully combine the image and FullName
page variable in link markup.

[2] To support a test of PData, I edited the individual image pages
(Test/EasyGalleryPic*) to add PData for "Thumbnail:" and "Thumbnailink:" for
(:if false:)
Thumbnail: Thumbnail: %thumb%Attach:GoldieCat.jpg%%
Thumbnailink: Thumbnail: %thumb%[[{$FullName}|Attach:GoldieCat.jpg"{$Title}"]]%%

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