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Hi Elton

it's been some years now since I worked with Notes but I presume you are up
against some in-house policy issue that makes the web server side of Domino
unavailable to you? If so then I guess that's the source of your misfortune.
If these assumptions are not correct and your Domino server is in fact
configured to run the web server functionality I can't imagine any reason
why one should not be able to work between it and PmWiki in just the same
way as one links to any other type of web server.

Building a custom interface scheme of some sort to work in with the native
Notes server functionality would be something of a mission IMHO. I suspect
your best line of solution lies with in-house politics rather than PmWiki
tech issues.
Mike Moller
Lallybroch Alpacas
New Zealand

On 9/7/06, elton.p.lester at transport.qld.gov.au
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Has anyone had the unfortunate need to link to a Lotus Notes database from a
pmwiki page?

I've tried 'http://server_name/not_the_real/database_name.nsf ' but the
database is not on a web server so the browser can't link to the Domino
Have also tried 'Notes://server_name/not_the_real/database_name.nsf' which
works from inside MS Office programs but pmwiki thinks I'm creating a new
page called 'database_name.nsf'

Have tried creating an entry (Notes:        Notes://...) on the InterMap
page but it's not recognised as a link.

Ideas/thoughts/work arounds anyone?


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