[pmwiki-users] [WikiForms] automatically list all wikiforms indifferent groups with (:wikilist:)

Bellave Jayaram bellavejayaram at cox.net
Wed Sep 6 22:37:14 CDT 2006


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> There are a couple of things to bear in mind:
> (:wikilist:) displays the name, not the full name, so if you 
> have one list that combines several groups, there will be 
> several lines referring to "00001".
> Um, did you know you can write (:wikilist group=Group1:) to 
> generate a list of items from a different group? So just set 
> up a page with
> (:wikilist group=Group1:)
> (:wikilist group=Group2:)
> and so on. This requires no new code.
> If you want to merge them into a single multi-group list, 
> that will be more difficult. Because of the way it retrieves 
> and sorts pages, I suspect you may have to scrap the wikilist 
> code and start again. You'd have to wrap the whole thing in a 
> 'for each group' loop and add a groupname to the front of 
> every sort. Possible, but very messy.
> You say "together on 1 page" so it depends whether you mean 
> together = in the same list or together = on the same page.
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> John Rankin

	Perhaps this thread where John answered my question might give you
some clues on how to build your page:


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