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John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Wed Sep 6 22:10:47 CDT 2006

On Thursday, 7 September 2006 6:52 AM, Tom Backer Johnsen <backer at psych.uib.no> wrote:
>John Rankin wrote:
>> If this sounds as if it might be suitable, the first step would
>> be to work out what the entry form should look like and how you'd
>> like to cite bib entries from the wiki pages themselves.
>I said that I would like to have the intext references in the format 
>(<author>, <year>).  One of the problems with BibTexRef is that the 
>intext references contain the name of the reference alone, which in my 
>eyes is more or less meaningless.  Well, I bought a book about PhP 
>today, read the script as carefully as I could, and it sems that I am 
>able to handle at least one aspect of the problem, getting the intext 
>references into the format I would like to have.
>With some guessing it turns out that the source of this type of 
>reference is the function cite(), by adding a function getYear() and 
>fiddling with the string expression in the cite() function I am 
>getting close.  I have to look into a different version of 
>getAuthors() since that produces a list of authors with full names, 
>while I want surnames alone, separated by commas.  I think I know how 
>to do that.
>The main drawback with this type of modification is that it is coded 
>towards an APA type of reference (which is common, but still).
Waving a magic wand, it seems to me that in an ideal world one wants
something like the following functionality.

The bib file is either a single pmwiki page (references identified 
by anchors) or multiple pages (one page per reference).

References use standard pmwiki markup, with the ability to identify
the elements making up each reference (use bibedit for a list of

Template pages define how a reference should be presented, so the
same references can be formatted in different ways for different

The wiki can import and export files in bibtex format.

There is a form for adding new references, with rules for each
reference type (article, book, inbook, etc). 

There is a choice of in-text citation styles. For example,

(:cite id=refid kind=value:)

where id is the anchor identifying the reference or its
pagename and kind could include:

text  -> Hawking et al. (2006)

paren -> (Hawking et al. 2006)

imparen -> Hawking et al. 2006

and so on. You could even do something like:

(:cite id=refid text="chapter 3":) giving

Hawking et al. (2006, chapter 3) ...

(:cite:) is just to illustrate capability; I think a variant on
link markup may be more suitable. The markup has to support:
- a unique reference (link)
- a citation style
- additional text, which may include wiki markup
  for example (:cite id=refid text="''last'' chapter":) would
  produce <em>last</em> chapter
John Rankin

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