[pmwiki-users] Table question / issue

George gdb at soundchasers.com
Wed Sep 6 18:09:49 CDT 2006

Hi All,

I'm using the new actions based table markup, and trying to figure 
something out...

I have three tables in a document, along the following lines:

(:table border=1 width=100% align=left bgcolor=#cccccc cellspacing=0 :)

(:table border=1 width=60% align=left bgcolor=#dddddd cellspacing=0:)

(:table border=1 width=40% align=right bgcolor=#eeeeee cellspacing=0:)

Everything is working as I hoped it would.  The top table is taking 100 
percent of the page width, the next two are aligning left and right at 
their assigned widths.

However, here's the problem: the left table is longer than the right 
table.  Therefore, any text I add after the tables is inserted under the 
right table, and wraps until it clears the left table.  If I recall,  
this behavior is correct.  What I can't recall is how to get text to 
left align under the left table, instead of filling in the space under 
the right table.

I thought that it would be possible to nest the left and right tables in 
their own table, but that doesn't appear to work.

If you want to see an example of what I am working with, here's a link 
to the page I've started on: 

Any help / suggestions / ideas greatly appreciated.


// George

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