[pmwiki-users] Disabling default access keys

Jared Way admin at jaredway.com
Wed Sep 6 13:43:22 CDT 2006

First all, thanks to everyone for their prompt help.  It gives me great 
confidence in the application that the creator(s) are so responsive!

The advice was helpful - I've disabled access keys and everything works great - 
on all but a few skins.  Specifically, I really like the TRIAD skin and have 
been using it for my prototyping.  However, this appears to be one of the skins 
Patrick refers to as having some of these access keys hardcoded into the 

How would I go about modifying the skin so that I could take these features out 
or disable them?  Do I need to contact the creator (HansB)?

Thanks again everyone and especially Patrick for their help.

Have a great day.


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