[pmwiki-users] MimeTex

John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Tue Sep 5 22:56:11 CDT 2006

On Friday, 1 September 2006 8:30 PM, Tom Backer Johnsen <backer at psych.uib.no> wrote:
>Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
>I have now located the error, and it was of course mine.  Very simple 
>and therefore difficult to see.  Just a matter of relative URL's in 
>the  scripts.  I hope I have not wasted too much of your time.
Now that MimeTeX is working, you probably don't need to know about
latexrender, which does the same thing, but calls LaTeX to render
the equations, then saves them as .gif files. For an example, see


I tested both and my experience was that:

- the latexrender equations looked better

- some equations which MimeTeX rendered wouldn't render in LaTeX

John Rankin

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