[pmwiki-users] Bibliographies

Tom Backer Johnsen backer at psych.uib.no
Tue Sep 5 10:00:17 CDT 2006

In connection with a book project using PmWiki I would very much like 
a solution to two problems, one that is associated with PmWiki and the 
other one that is not necessarily so.

Problem 1:  The BibTexRef addin in the cookbook does not work as I 
expect, and there seems to be a bug or two there.  Are there any 
alternatives around?  I see that the file is quite old, so that might 
be it.  I am very much a newbie in respect to PhP, but I'll have a 
look at it and see if I can locate the problem(s).  But the references 
in the text and the corresponding entries in the data base are at 
least linked.  That is a good start.

Problem 2:  Since there are more than one author involved, it would be 
nice for each author to be able to add references (books, articles 
etc.) to the data base placed on the same server as the wiki using 
some kind of online procedure.  Ideally, this should be integrated in 
  PmWiki, but that is probably too much to ask for.  Does anybody know 
of such a tool? Preferably using only PhP.


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