[pmwiki-users] It can't be that slow.....can it?

rolf deenen rdeenen at home.nl
Mon Sep 4 16:04:04 CDT 2006


Thanks for all the feedback concerning the slow speed i noticed building
the FAQ page. There were several reactions to my mail. I'll reply to
them in this post:

First, mr PM himself answered that the page should become faster when
it's loaded several times. I've loaded the page a few times (5 to
precise) but saw no difference in render-time. The machine is equipped
with about 150Mb RAM. Php may use 16 Mb (memory_limit = 16M).

Chris Cox replied that on his machine rendering of the FAQ page was even
slower, but that this was just the FAQ page, other pages load much
faster. He also asked if there was a special reason to mention the FAQ
page, instead of some other page. Well, i mentioned the FAQ page because
the slowness was most clear on this page. It was also one of the first
pages i loaded in the freshly installed wiki. It was an immediate
confrontation with the speed limit of pmwiki. That said, i have no
content yet for my wiki. Therefore i cannot confirm that other pages
will load faster. I will check...

David Goadby talked about the speed on his 500MHz mini-ITX system. David:
how much memory did you allow your PHP to take. Perhaps i can second
your findings. I checked"top" when the page was rendered. And saw the
httpd process consume about 98% when rendering the FAQ page.
Coincidentally i am planning to buy me one those mini-itx systems
(800Mhz) to replace my current machine. It should save me quite some
money on the electricity-bill.

All-in-all it appears that the FAQ page is just a slow page to load and
that other pages (with like, euhhh, well real content perhaps ;-) ) load
fairly quick. I will certainly check this. Perhaps pmwiki is indeed
ideal for me or....do i just *want* to believe.... :-).

Rolf Deenen

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