[pmwiki-users] Backlist show only links last edited on the same machine?

adamhj adamhj.cn at gmail.com
Sun Sep 3 19:53:44 CDT 2006

days ago i posted my problem(you can find it at
but at last it's still unsolved. then i decide to delete group and
recreate its documents. i recreate them on a remote machine at my
home(while the web server is my working machine in my office), now i
go back to company and resume my work, i found that backlinks do not
work again! the difference is that this time it does not works on my
office machine, but works on my home's machine...
i checked it for a while and find that one link still alive in my
backlink list, the one which i have just edited on my office machine.
i tried open another page, click edit, change nothing, save, now it
appears in backlink list..
so it seems that backlink only showes those links which was last
edited on the same client...and there is nothing wrong with browser,
as after i modify a page in ie it also appears in firefox.
can anyone tell me is there anything wrong with my setting? thanks~
pmwiki version 2.1.17

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