[pmwiki-users] Notebook-NT-Skin - some more tests

Henrik Bechmann henrik.bechmann at sympatico.ca
Sun Sep 3 12:42:49 CDT 2006

Thanks Pico, I appreciate it.

Given MacIE's unique idiosyncracies, the fact that MS has discontinued 
it, and the emergence of Safari on the Mac, I think that if people find 
the MacIE to be an important part of their audience, they would be 
better off using a table based framework. IAC I don't think MacIE will 
last much longer.

- Henrik

Pico wrote:
> Henrik Bechmann wrote:
>> Patrick, VK,
>> I have upgraded the css framework that I sent you earlier to a PmWiki 
>> skin (attached) to make a completely table-less skin that looks like 
>> the default PmWiki skin. To try it out I copied the wikitext from 
>> your test page into mine. You can see the result at
> [snip]
>> To make the skin based on the css framework, I copied a few things 
>> (block borders, background colors, sizes, padding) from Patrick's css 
>> file (as noted in the file) into the framework css rules. I also 
>> added background colours to the sidebar and footer (sometimes it 
>> makes a difference in stability - but this can be tested). Otherwise 
>> the page uses pmwiki.css, as provided in the distribution. I also 
>> adjusted the sidebar width to make it match PmWiki.org's sidebar in 
>> width.
> [snip]
>> I have been using these techniques for years (and dufferinpark.ca is 
>> table-less), so I think there's a good chance this will work well. 
>> More than a prototype, still needs testing before deployment.
> I posted a test page (Test/MacIE52ScreenShots) showing how this, and 
> just about every other skin (no time to test other skins right now) 
> get broken by Internet Explorer (5.2) for Mac.
> There are some common problems that occur with every example.   (Right 
> header elements get knocked over to the left on the next line, screen 
> width gets extended, rframe image becomes full frame).
> Perhaps someone can come up with suggested solutions that others can 
> use to get rid of some of the worst, or at least most common, problems.
> Pico


Henrik Bechmann
Webmaster, www.dufferinpark.ca

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