[pmwiki-users] Getting out of my cave... & FAST Data 2.0 coming

The Editor editor at fast.st
Sat Sep 2 21:09:57 CDT 2006

Just a quick note to let everyone know I've made some MAJOR
breakthroughs on the FAST Data recipe.  In addition to adding various
run-of-the-mill new features like:

timestamps (easy multi-day blogging)
value formatting (for time or otherwise)
random number fields (gaming?)
multiple count fields

I've completely rewritten the function that allows for page name
formatting to give dramatic and easy flexibility to nextpage, datapage
and esp., read page variables.

I've completely rewritten the page read and write lines into separate
functions GetPage and SetPage in preparation for making the switch to
using ReadPage and WritePage.  This cut over 50 lines of code from the
recipe and made it much cleaner and neater--while working out several
bugs in the process.  Ahh, coding is art.

I am adding a matchdata function which checks for the existence of a
predefined string in a specified field and yields t/f (which can be
used with DataCopy) to give simple conditional functionality to your

But perhaps the biggest breakthrough however, is a small trick in how
the form fields are processed allowing for multiple saves, logs,
deletes, etc., on multiple datapages all in one form. It was actually
a simple change that cut out even more lines of code while
dramatically increasing its power.

Now a form can function virtually programmatically.  That is, you can
have it do one set of operations, change various form values (using
DataCopy--actually an extremely powerful reformat and replace
feature), perform more operations, check some data values, make
appropriate changes to field values, do more operations, etc.,
indefinitely.  In short, about anything you want to do--all within the
wiki form fields themselves!

Unfortunately I can't release the new code right away.  I get to go
spend a week on the lake up in B.C. with some good friends so I'll be
away from the computer for awhile.  Out of my cave.  Will be rough!
:)  Anyway, will try to upload the new version after I get back, work
out one or two remaining kinks, and have time to write up the
documentation.  I think it is big enough to consider calling it a 2.0
version--or at least a beta for it.


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