[pmwiki-users] ZAP questions

The Editor editor at fast.st
Mon Oct 30 11:41:20 CST 2006

On 10/29/06, Christophe David <pmwiki at christophedavid.org> wrote:
> I appreciate the work it represents and your efforts, and really would like
> to point to some probably minor things that could be done to make it
> understandable to the novice.
> * On http://www.fast.st/zap/pmwiki.php?n=Snippets.Login ,
> you have "just login as "Main" with password "test"."  I finally found out
> it must be changed to Guest/test.  Time consuming and frustrating ;-)

My mistake.  It is now fixed.  I'm having a bit of trouble keeping
track of the different versions and the documentation:  pmwiki,
zapsite, home site, production site, development version, etc. This
email from you helped me a lot!

> * It is not clear to me if the login is mandatory on zapsite.org only, on if
> the ZAP login must be used on any site running the site cookbook.

There are several levels of permissions built into ZAP.  By default,
non-authenticated users can login, logged in users can use the "forms"
features, and admins only can use the plus features.  These
requirements are waived if you set a lock pattern in the form which
prevents helps protect against malicious form submissions.  Also,
while not recommended, the default settings can all be changed.  See
the ZAPsite section on security.

> * I tried to download the cookbook from the zapsite.org, but the link does
> not work.

Good point.  I keep cutting and pasting the text from PmWiki.  Guess I
need to stop doing that.  I decided to only keep the actual code on
the PmWiki site, so I don't have two versions.

> * I downloaded the script form the pmwiki site, but as there is no version
> nor date in the file, I have no clue as if this is the current version.

I did that with FAST data but kept making so many tweaks my version
history got kind of long.  But will add a $ZAPversion page variable
right at the top of the recipe, and try to remember to update it with
each change.

> * I installed zap and included it for a test page.  It does work for the
> counter snippet but the captcha does not.  I searched the source for the
> word "captcha", but did not find it.  So I guess I do not have the latest
> version.

I did not release the one with the captcha yet, because I had made
some other changes and broke another feature.  Got stuck for awhile
fixing that but finally figured out the problem.  The latest version
is up now.

> * An up-to-date "reference" would definitely be a major improvement to your
> documentation : which are the fields that ZAP recognizes and what are their
> actions ?  The page
> http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/ZAPdata could probably
> be moved to zapsite.org and updated with links to the snippets.  Maybe the
> page on pmwiki could be limited to a link to the full documentation on
> zapsite.org.

I think this is a good idea.  I will change PmWiki to give a simpler
overview of the recipe, and then store the real documentation at
ZAPsite.  That will make it easier to keep things updated--by keeping
it all at one place.

> I'll stop for today with ZAP as I am quite frustrated not being able to
> understand enough to use it.  I am certainly a bit too dumb but at least I
> tried ;-)  I suggest you seek feed-back from new users to see what they (do
> not) unserstand, as you are "living there" while new users just try to
> understand how the magic works.

If you send me a snippet of what you're trying to do, I'll be happy to
look at it and point out any problems I see.  For using captcha with
email you will want to follow my snippet, but make a couple changes.
Namely these lines, depending on what you want it to do:

add:  (:input hidden emailto "":)
change:  (:input hidden ifcheck "{$captcha}|emailto|your at address.com" :)

> Please let me know where to find the current version, and I'll give it
> another try ;-)

It may seem counterintuitive, but I will keep the recipe at PmWiki
with VERY minimal documentation, and then keep the full documentation
at www.zapsite.org.

> Thanks a lot for all the work done so far, and hopefully many users will use
> ZAP as soon as they will understand better how to use it.

Yes, that's my hope too.  Sorry about the frustration.  Wish I could
invest more time in this. But hey, it's fun, I'm learning, and it is
getting better with every tweak!


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