[pmwiki-users] RSS problem off of Site/AllRecentChanges with group=

Chris Cox ccox at airmail.net
Mon Oct 30 11:13:52 CST 2006

Roman wrote:
>> Ok... I don't know if I'm quite ready for the 2.2 plunge.  Pm, do you
>> know what might have caused this?  I'd love to fix our 2.1.25 PmWiki
>> so it works ok with php5.. or is it really, really an involved fix?
> If you want to stay with 2.1 then you can make a little fix in
> feeds.php. On line 171 change
> SDVA($FeedPageListOpt, array());
> to
> $FeedPageListOpt = (array)@$FeedPageListOpt;

Thanks!  That worked great!!

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