[pmwiki-users] Possible to split up pagelist results into alphabetical ordered pages?

Wouter Groeneveld jefklak at gmail.com
Mon Oct 30 11:01:55 CST 2006

For instance, a pagelist returns

"blossoms: bla, bla, bla"
"conditions on health"
"themes with bla and more bla"

Is it possible to split up the results into different pages? For instance,
on the first page, the first 20 results with beginning letters A-E, F-H, ...
Or is it possible to display 20 results per page, and having something like
"page 1 | next | last >>" as a browser?

I do know you can do something like (:pagelist count=x) but that limits the
results, I can't display items BEGINNING from x and down, it'll always start
with 0.

Thank you!
-- Wouter
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