[pmwiki-users] Problems with the embedded CSS in pmwiki.php

Ben Wilson dausha at gmail.com
Mon Oct 30 09:21:14 CST 2006

I'm coming very late to this discussion. To me, this is not an issue,
and I'll show why . . .

On 10/29/06, marc <gmane at auxbuss.com> wrote:
> In the recommended case:
>   <link rel='stylesheet' title="Skinname"
>      href='$SkinDirUrl/Skinname.css' type='text/css' />
>   <!--HTMLHeader-->
>   </head>

What I do is:

<link ... href='$SkinDirUrl/media.css' type='text/css' />

I've done this since for skins where it matters.  If you've not
noticed, I put the PmWiki-added material before my skin CSS. In CSS,
last-in-time wins. So, it matters not what PmWiki markup tells the
skin to do---if my skin says something else it wins. And, of course,
this works for any recipe that adds CSS via HTMLHeader.

Hope this helps.

Ben Wilson

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