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IchBin weconsul at ptd.net
Sun Oct 29 19:37:22 CST 2006

Dominique Faure wrote:
> On 10/29/06, IchBin <weconsul at ptd.net> wrote:
>> Short story longer, I continued to play with the DomTT product and found
>> it far surpassed my design plans and expectations.
>> Getting back to the DomTT recipe it looks good. I am just being side
>> tracked because I have highly formated data that I can not pass into the
>> recipe markup. Dom maybe you can answer this. I have not started to
>> debug yet. Any way with the simple setup at min using this, without
>> passing options it works fine.
>>  >>comment id=default_enable_div<<
>>     If this setting is On then stacktraces will be shown by default on an
>>     error event. You can disable showing stacktraces from your code with
>>     xdebug_disable(). As this is one of the basic functions of Xdebug, it
>>     is advisable to leave this setting set to 'On'.
>>  >><<
>> [:default_enable_div:xdebug.default_enable]
>> Ok, below is what the actual data looks like with all the formating.
>> %color=#ff7f00 define=directive%
>> || ||xdebug@@'''.%directive%default_enable'''@@ ||On ||
>> The problem I have is the actual data format I have to pass is a
>> problem. Can not seem to get the term hat need to be define in a tooltip
>> to format correctly. Also I can not use the two double lines under the
>> target term.
>> You could go to this page to see what the current output looks like:
>> http://weconsultants.phpnet.us/pmwiki.php/PHP/Debugging#xdebug
>> I am trying to blend in the popup with out affecting my current page format.
>> Hope this makes sense of what the problem I am having..
> Nice quiz for a rainy sunday morning :)
> Update domtt.php to latest version, then use the following code into
> your local configuration file:
> ===8<---
> $HTMLStylesFmt['directive_style'] = "
> .directive {
>   color: #ff7f00;
> }
> a.directive,
> a.directive:visited {
>   color: #ff7f00;
>   text-decoration: none;
> }";
> include_once('cookbook/domtt.php');
> Markup("ini_directive",'<[:]',
>   '/(\|\|[^%]+)%([^%]+)%(\w+)/',
>   '$1[:$3_div tooltiplink=$2:$3]');
> ===8<---
> Dom

Thanks Dom, all is working so far. I will start fooling around with 
different cosmetic options.

I do have two questions.

- Can the DomTT recipe enable me to do any of the functionality of the 
DomTT product?

- Is their anyway I could organize all of the DIV targets outside of a 
particular page. It is cumbersome to have both the calling and called 
targets in the same page. Would be nice to have a repository or class 
that could manage these string literals. It also slows down the page 
when loading and saving.

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