[pmwiki-users] confused about site.localtemplates

Pico pmwiki at ben-amotz.com
Sun Oct 29 06:29:45 CST 2006

Hans wrote:
> Sunday, October 29, 2006, 3:49:42 AM, Crisses wrote:
>> To remove items from search results, you put the commands in the  
>> searchbox:
>> (:searchbox -WikiSandbox -RecentChanges:)
>> or something like that.
> better use (:searchbox name=-WikiSandbox,-RecentChanges:)
> this will exclude those pages from the result,
> otherwise pages are also excluded which contain the terms
> WikiSandbox or RecentChanges.

Note that changing the parameters of the searchbox directive only alters 
the results from searches that are entered into that one searchbox.  If 
you make a similar change to the searchresults directive you will alter 
the results from searches entered into any search box that use that same 
searchresults directive.  Since the Site/Search page is the default page 
for returning search results, if you edit that page and change the 
parameters of the searchresults directive, that change will alter all 
searches from all searchboxes.

Also keep in mind that the list= parameter can be used to exclude pages 
(e.g. list=normal excludes AllRecentChanges, RecentChanges, GroupHeader, 
GroupFooter, GroupAttributes) and you can define custom lists using the 
search patterns array.  See PmWiki/PageLists and Cookbook/SearchResults.

For a working demo and summary of some of the ways you can create 
targeted searches with customized results, see PmWiki/Search.



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