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IchBin weconsul at ptd.net
Sat Oct 28 16:35:41 CDT 2006

Dominique Faure wrote:
> On 10/28/06, IchBin <weconsul at ptd.net> wrote:
>> Say I have a paragraph of text or a list of terms displayed on a page.
>> In that paragraph or list I may have n->terms that I would like to be
>> able to display its definition. I really do not want to load a page of
>> definitions and then reference directly to it with a [[#term]]. I would
>> like to stay on the same page as the term.
>> When the user hovers over a term I can popup a small message window with
>> its definition. Something on the lines of a queued process on a word
>> hover. Then I guess it would be more like a XMLHttpRequest call. Hope my
>> question make sense.
>> Just wondering if there are any recipes, or part of a recipe, that could
>> help me or get me going in the right direction? Do people build recipes
>> that can utilize javascript.  Sorry, I do not have a clue.
> You may have a look at DomTT!
> Dom

Thanks Dom, as a standalone product, boy it sure is the right tool for 
the job. I just need  to fool around with some markup. I will look at 
the two javascript recipes that exist already first and checkout their 
markup to get a handle.

I am surprise that with the big buzz word 'Ajax' out there no one has 
thrown a recipe together to encapsulate that animal. I do know that at 
least the cookbook recipe has an option to use it.

I am looking at that stuff now, as an aside, maybe I can cut something. 
But like everybody time is a tight commodity. I am new to this area but 
after reading some Ajax manual\books and tested some code it seems 
forward enough.  Still I'm new and swimming thru the two code layers of 

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