[pmwiki-users] problem in finding group default page

Hans design5 at softflow.co.uk
Sat Oct 28 11:06:45 CDT 2006

trying to check blogsimple for update needs to 2.2.0
I came across this problem:
Using the group link at the page top in a group should go to the group
homepage or default page, in this case called BlogArchive.BlogArchive
But it did not go to that page, instead asked if i wanted to create
such a page. But the page exists in blogsimple's pagestore, i.e.
Somehow the routine checking for an existing page did not check the
pagestore. blogsimple.php adds the pagestore with these lines:

## automatic loading of blog default pages
    $where = count($WikiLibDirs);
    if ($where>1) $where--;
    array_splice($WikiLibDirs, $where, 0, 
        array(new PageStore("$FarmD/cookbook/blogsimple/wikilib.d/\$FullName")));

So I wonder if something has broken in pmwiki 2.2.0 beta15,
or I need to change something so  the pagestore works.
It works if links go to specific pages in the pagestore.


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