[pmwiki-users] Using .htpasswd?

Michael Brenner mik.admin at nurfuerspam.de
Sat Oct 28 07:15:43 CDT 2006

Hi Jason,

I'm not sure what's your problem exactly, so I suggest two possibilities. 

What is in your ".htpasswd"

As far as I know in past windows/apache did not do password-hashing. Also SHA1 
might be used for hashing instead of MD5 (currently default). What hash do 
you get for "test"? For test2 password is test, too.

Modifing(?) AuthUser.php is not needed. You might have this in 
$AuthUser['htpasswd'] = 'local/.htpasswd';

Am Donnerstag, 26. Oktober 2006 19:57 schrieb Jason Ma:
> I set up a PmWiki a while ago, and would like to password-protect
> editing of all pages with a single password (so only a small number of
> people with it can edit it, but everyone can view it).  Originally,
> I'd done it through the config.php file, but I'd like to move it to a
> .htpasswd file, preferably not in the webserver folder.  I looked
> through the documentation, trying to change AuthUser.php and the
> Site.AuthUser page, but nothing seemed to work...
> Can someone tell me how to let PmWiki read from a .htpasswd file?
> Thanks a lot.
> Cheers!
> Jason Ma
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