[pmwiki-users] pageactions formatting

dso dso at moosoft.com
Fri Oct 27 22:22:09 CDT 2006

In Site.PageActions I have:

(:if !authid:)
* [[{$FullName}?action=login|$[Login]]]
(:if authid:)
* [[{$FullName}?action=logout|$[Logout]]]
* [[Site]]
* %item rel=nofollow class=edit
accesskey='$[ak_edit]'%[[{$FullName}?action=edit | $[Edit] ]]
* %item rel=nofollow class=diff
accesskey='$[ak_history]'%[[{$FullName}?action=diff | $[History] ]]
* %item rel=nofollow class=print
accesskey='$[ak_print]'%[[{$FullName}?action=print | $[Print] ]]
* %item rel=nofollow class=search
accesskey='$[ak_search]'%[[{$FullName}?action=search | $[Search] ]]

And the menu looks like (all to the right):
Logout Site Edit History Print Search

I want to get the Logout/Login on the left and the rest on the right but
text formatting seems to have no effect.


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