[pmwiki-users] email-to-wiki Re: Is it time for a pmwiki-devel list?

Crisses crisses at kinhost.org
Fri Oct 27 14:27:24 CDT 2006

On Oct 27, 2006, at 3:03 PM, The Editor wrote:

> Both Crisses and Pm had ideas for converting incoming emails to wiki
> pages.  Could we do it?

People are more than welcome to.  I can't say I have dibs on it as a  
project.  People are paying me to do things with PmWiki at the moment  
and that's going to take precedence, so as I said elsewhere, this is  
not on my short-term agenda yet.

Patrick had ideas on how to do this from a central server, and I  
would wait until the hooks were in place in the PmWiki core to have  
the authentication sent via http.  I figure I may as well use exactly  
the same mechanisms PM is using for his Push mail->pmwiki to do my  
Pull (Pop3) mail->pmwiki.

As for listmail->wiki ---  I think we discussed only CC'ing certain  
posts to be put into the wiki.  How many times are we going to answer  
the same questions over and over?  At the rate we produce posts, the  
forums wouldn't be a manual -- they'd be a mess.

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