[pmwiki-users] ZAP error message...

The Editor editor at fast.st
Fri Oct 27 12:24:00 CDT 2006

Another little bug.  This line gives me an error message:

	foreach ($p as $pp) $_POST[$pp] = preg_replace(':)', '/\:\)/',
It's suppposed to be an unprotect feature that re-enable directives by
restoring smileys.  The error message is:

	Warning: preg_replace() [function.preg-replace]: No ending delimiter
'&' found in /home/fastst/public_html/zap/cookbook/zap.php on line 229

I'm not sure what could be causing this.  Any thoughts?  It is not
replacing the smiley.  This is a nice little plus in ZAP if I can get
it to work.


Here's the whole snippet though don't think it helps...

if ($field == unprotect) {
	$p = explode(",", $value);
	foreach ($p as $pp) $_POST[$pp] = preg_replace('\:)', '/\:\)/',

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